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Came home from Derby training. In a foul mood.

Team building exercises suck when one person is blamed when something goes wrong.

Although, coach did point out that it was not my fault, it was the team’s fault. Because it was a team activity.

I did enjoy one of the games we were playing.

And took out one of the girls in a most satisfying manner.

Yellow Star Training

I’ve only just gotten up to Yellow Star… But I feel like there’s going to be a steep learning curve. I’ve been feeling like I’m back in Freshies, and I feel a little stupid. I know I shouldn’t, but I just try really hard but still seem to end up behind.

Although, Sunday training sessions are with Green Stars, and most of them are really good, have been training for over a year. I’m trying not to compare myself to them, I’ll get there one day.

Thursday’s training went well, we nailed the 25 in 5 mins, and we had a different coach who really liked what I was doing.

I’m not sure if I feel like going to today’s session. I broke a tooth last night and it’s all sharp and pointy. I could go for an hour and just see how I go. But if I go, I’ll end up staying the full 2hrs.

25 in 5?

Nailed it.

Now I’m exhausted. Tonight’s training was a killer, but I feel so good.

I need to work on my laterals. I did some great stepping, but towards the end I felt heavy and tired.

Bruised from 25th August 2011

The next day :)

Derby Training 14.04.11

Last night’s training was awesome. We played a few games and had pace lines. One of the coaches was showing us how to use the track properly. I fell down hard, but recovered and kept going. Now there’s a large bruise on my shin, which makes me feel really hard core. And I ran into the wall, which was really embarassing, because all the red and yellow stars were there to laugh at me as well.

Next week there’s another round of assessments. I was talking to one of the coaches, she thinks I should be able to get through this time… She just said I need to remember to be strong and steady. And that I always fall good :D

Training 7th April 2011

Last night was a lot of fun and I’m really, really glad I went back. There wasn’t many of us there, and they were running Green Star assessments after we finished.

I fell down during the night, though. We were doing “hip hip hoorays” and on the 10th one, I fell so my wheels hit my arse. There’s a bruise already, but it makes me laugh.

I need to work on my core muscles, so I’m going organise myself for that. I’m exhausted today, both mentally and physically.

My laziness and lack of Derby

Last week, I missed training. I kind of let myself be taken on an adventure up to Surfers, and knew I wouldn’t get back in time. I’m being a bit hard on myself for failing my first attempt at Red Star. The next round of assessments is the 21st of April, and because I haven’t been training, I don’t think I’ll make it then either. I don’t know where my confidence has gone. I just feel a bit stupid. I was so sure I’d make it. Now I’m exhausted. I’ll have to make it to Wednesday night and Saturday morning skates to get better/back to where I was at before I did Red Star Assessment.

Training 24.02.11

I think training last night was trying to kill me. Although, Nell and I skipped a bit of it so I could give her my old wheels. She was very excited because she had outdoor wheels and my wheels were indoor. She had skates from decades ago and the wheels were hard but were chalky and chipped and broke. I was glad I could give her wheels that would be helpful for her. Once she got the new wheels on it was noticeably different. I’m glad I could offer her some help!

The only exciting thing is my new wheels and bearings. It was like a dream! I love the Bones Reds bearings. And the wheels were slightly softer, but entirely different. I was loving them so much. I didn’t seem to work as hard and even glided a whole lap around the track.

Last night’s training left me with a few things I still need to work on. I was getting better on my t-stops, but when we were doing pace lines, I kept thinking “Oh, crap, I can’t do it” and skated off to the wall. I also need to get lower in derby stance, which was killing me last night because my left thigh muscle was on fire. We were learning how to do the “pornstar slide”, which I completely sucked at because I didn’t actually know how to do it. Not that I want to blame anyone, but I don’t think the coach explained it very well. Or I don’t understand. Either way. They’re just thing I need to get better on.

The funniest thing happened when one of the coaches came up and told me I need to get lower in derby stance. I got lower, proper stance, then fell backwards. She wasn’t AS amused as I was.

(And apologises if the photo quality isn’t good…)

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